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more girlchan based stuff

2010-06-19 02:23:57 by aromanx

woo i got comments on the girlchan website :P allthough im not sure theyre real >.> but still KENSTAR WILL NEVER HAS HIS WOO!!!!!


2010-05-11 03:09:47 by aromanx

well guess im finally being active, although im just making artwork using paint, give all my "skill???" to moosh for he gave me a good tutorial, other than that i hope i win with egoraptors contest :P

Might as well

2010-02-14 03:10:28 by aromanx

since i probably cant upload flash for a while i might as well blog here, you guys ever wonder how many people out here actually make an account without ever making videos and then go around saying really bad "this flash sux!!!" reviews to others? atleast put up or shut up right? also lions destroy tigers


2010-02-12 06:11:51 by aromanx

I will..... eventualy upload flash... soon as i get a program >.>